Lessons Learned from Devcon5

Having just returned from Devcon5 I’d like to take a moment to thank Tokyo and Osaka specifically for the warmth and hospitality shown. Secondly I’d like to congratulate the Ethereum community for its vibrant and inclusive culture. The community continues to get stronger every year and the level of research and innovation is amazing.

So with that being said, I thought I’d also share some of the lessons that the Harmony team learned and also some focus areas for us as we move forward. In the form of a few slides.

The highlight as you can see below is engaging and learning from the quality researchers and partners at the conference.

The following 5 areas we found of most interest to help us better serve our developer and user community.

  1. As a layer one solution scaling is of keen interest to us and it was exciting to see the amount of work done on Layer II solutions.

  1. The overwhelming message from the community is that wallets need to be simplified to drive Main stream adoption.

  1. Bridging decentralized finance and traditional finance continues to be sought after.

  1. Currently blockchains are still limited by scalability and settlement time issues.

  1. Sharding is one of the key approaches for scalability. It was refreshing to see some of the innovative methods people are using for this.

I hope you found this helpful and if you’d like to find out more about Harmony please use the following links to Join our community , read our docs and contribute to our protocol.

Thanks for your interest in Harmony.